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Why you’ll love this...

  • All domains in one easy unified interface

    Keep track of all your domains under one single unified interface, even those that are not transferred to our domain registry.

  • Blazing fast and in real-time

    The use of fast technology, tuned algorithms and direct connections to all major registries makes your domain management blazing fast and in real time.

  • Bulk update in one single request

    Making changes on a large domain portfolio will be a breeze. Bulk update every asspect of your domains like contacts, DNS servers, renewal method and much more

  • Automatic renewals

    When activated, the system protects your domains from expiring by automatically renewing them in good time before the expiration date.

  • Powerful API-Interface

    A comprehensive programming interfaces allows you to integrate domain management into your website and control panels, with downloadable integration kits.

  • White-labeled Services

    Internet SRS is a white-labeled Service. We will never sell services directly to your clients. And where it's technically possible we will clearly show your as the provider.